The Inaugural Concert of the 28th Festival of the Children of Mountains

18 July 2021
hour: 17:00
Amphitheatre grounds in Nowy Sącz (19 Ogrodowa street)
Tickets: free admission

Additional information:
Due to the emergency state of epidemic in force in Poland, as well as the sanitary regulations, the event will be subject to limited seating.
We invite you to the concert inaugurating the FESTIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF MOUNTAINS on Sunday, 18 July, to a new venue, which from now on will provide the setting for the Festival performances.
The amphitheatre in a picturesque park in Nowy Sącz offers the audience comfortable conditions. The concert programme will be very attractive: exoticism on the screen and Polish children’s folklore in a nutshell live.

The ones performing on the Amphitheatre stage will be ensembles not only from Małopolska, but also guests from all over Poland: DOLINA SŁOMKI from Stronie, EŁK from Ełk, MALI JURGOWIANIE from Jurgów, VLADISLAVIA from Wodzisław Śląski, MAŁA ISTEBNA from Istebna, ROZTOCZE from Tomaszów Lubelski, MAŁOLIPNICANIE from Lipnica Mała in Orawa, KOCIERZEWIACY from Kocierzew, KRAKOWIACZEK from Grojec, TUCHLIŃSKIE SKRZATY from Tuchlin. Our foreign comrade ensembles will be sending us special video-greetings.

All those who cannot be in person with us in the evenings are welcome to watch our YouTube channel and Festival website for live broadcast of the events.