The organiser of the FESTIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF MOUNTAINS – International Festival of Children’s Folk Ensembles is SOKÓŁ Małopolska Culture Centre in Nowy Sącz, a Małopolska Province cultural institution.
SOKÓŁ Małopolska Culture Centre was established in 1975. Until 1998 it operated as the Nowy Sącz Province Cultural Centre and since 1999 it has used its current name as a Małopolska Province Culture Centre. SOKÓŁ MCC is the inheritor and continuator of more than 140-year-old tradition of the SOKÓŁ Gymnastic Society. The head office of the institution is a historic building of the Sokół Gymnastic Society dating back to 1892. It is located in the centre of Nowy Sącz and has been substantially extended and modernised.

The activity scope of SOKÓŁ MCC is multi-faceted and embraces the whole of Małopolska Province. Its major forms are pursued regularly and constitute the mission of the institution. They include:
  • protection and promotion of multicultural heritage of Małopolska and the Carpathians (contests, festivals, publications, folk culture archives),
  • development of cultural competence (popularization of professional art and presentation of contemporary cultural phenomena),
  • animation of the amateur artistic movement (opening possibilities for presentation, stimulating the development of existing artisting groups and helping new ones to start),
  • creating and launching regional education programmes for teenagers and teachers (Youth Film Academy, Closer Motherlands – Małopolska, workshops).

SOKÓŁ MCC also owns two cinemas: SOKÓŁ and KROKUS (altogether 5 cinema halls), where apart from the latest world cinema productions, Polish and European quality movies are promoted (KOT Film Discussion Club, independent cinema performances). Since 2004 the SOKÓŁ cinema has been a member of the EUROPA CINEMAS network.

SOKÓŁ MCC organises over 20 regular festivals and cultural events each year. Their scope is regional, national and international and they include:
  • Ada Sari International Vocal Artistry Festival and Contest (organised since 1985),
  • FESTIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF MOUNTAINS – International Festival of Children’s Folk Ensembles (organised since 1992),
  • IUBILAEI CANTUS Nowy Sącz Musical Festival (organised since 1995),
  • FUN & CLASSIC International Festival of Virtuosity and Music Gags (organised since 2001),
  • L’ARTE ORGANICA Nowy Sącz Festival of Organ Music (organised since 2002),
  • MAŁOPOLSKA EVENINGS – series of theatre and opera performances (organised since 2004),
  • Małopolska-Carpathians OFFer. International Multimedia Festival of Arts (organised since 2008),
  • International Pastel Biennial (until 2009 organised by the Małopolska Art Exhibition Office in Nowy Sącz)

In spring 2003 the Carpathian Europe Institute was set up as a branch of SOKÓŁ MCC. Its aim is to prepare programmes which protect and promote the cultural and natural heritage of the Carpathians. The Institute conducts seminars and international conferences (Our Dowry for Europe, The Carpathians – Poor but Rich), cooperates with NGOs with a view to joint implementation of projects boosting the socioeconomic development of the Carpathian region.

In 2010 SOKÓŁ MCC finished the construction of the Gallery of Contemporary Art. The building is located right alongside SOKÓŁ MCC and is an extension wing attached to the headquarters with an elevated glass walkway. The project was co-funded by the European Union with the financial resources of the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Małopolska Operational Programme in 2007-2013 “Funds for Małopolska” as well as with the resources of the Małopolska Province.

The year 2010 was a new chapter in the 35-year-long history of SOKÓŁ MCC. Besides putting to use the new building, as of 31 December 2009 and with the decision made by the Małopolska Regional Council, SOKÓŁ MCC in Nowy Sącz merged with the Małopolska Art Exhibition Office in Nowy Sącz. As a result of the change, the former activities of the two institutions are now carried out by SOKÓŁ Małopolska Culture Centre, within which a new branch has been established – SOKÓŁ Gallery of Contemporary Art – Art Exhibition Office.

The new branch has been located in the newly-erected extension right alongside the SOKÓŁ MCC building. SOKÓŁ MCC currently runs four exhibition halls:
  • SOKÓŁ Gallery of Contemporary Art – Art Exhibition Office – 3 Długosza Street, Nowy Sącz,
  • SOKÓŁ Gallery – 3 Długosza Street, Nowy Sącz,
  • Academic Art Gallery at Higher School of Business NLU – 27 Zielona Street, Nowy Sącz,
  • JATKI Gallery in Nowy Targ – 4 Kościuszki Street.

For further information on the activities conducted by SOKÓŁ MCC see the organiser’s website –