Edition 2020/2021
Tuchlino is a Kashubian village located in the Sierakowice commune, the Pomeranian Province. One of the most important values of the intangible culture of the Kashubians is their language. The Kashubian language is used to publish books and periodicals, broadcast local radio and television programmes. Apart from the language, the important elements of the Kashubian tradition and culture that are cultivated in the region include: seven-coloured embroidery, sculpture and reverse glass painting, customs and rites, as well as music. The composition of traditional musical bands includes the violin, the clarinet, sometimes the trumpet and basolia. The bladder fiddle, “bazuna” (a type of trembita) and “burczybasy” (a friction drum with a cord) are typical Kashubian instruments. In the region, there is a great number of ensembles presenting Kashubian culture and music, which proves the Kashubians’ love of artistic activity and cultivation of the traditions. TUCHLIŃSKIE SKRZATY Kashubian Song and Dance Ensemble was established in September 1984 at the Primary School in Tuchlin, on the initiative of the then headmaster Jan Baska. The ensemble has two age groups: younger children and older children. TUCHLIŃSKIE SKRZATY members are children aged 3-15. The ensemble participates in numerous celebrations of both a regional and provincial character. It takes top places in folk festivals and contests. It has many times represented the region abroad, in such countries as Georgia, Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany, Denmark. It is the first time that the audience of the Festival of the Children of Mountains will have an opportunity to see the dance folklore of the Kashubian District. The programme presented by the older group is based on the publications of ethnomusicologist Paweł Szewka. It also makes use of musical pieces drawn from research papers by Jan Trepczyk, Władysław Kirchtein and other authors and researchers. The ensemble will also present dances the knowledge of which was shared by the local people. The programme presented by the younger group encompasses children’s fun and games typical of this beautiful region in northern Poland. Jarosław Jóskowski is the ensemble leader. Irena Warmowska is the choreographer, and Wojciech Złoch is the musical director and the band leader.