Edition 2020/2021
Through its presentations of rich history and traditions, the ROZTOCZE Folk Ensemble showcases Tomaszów Lubelski, a town located on the Sołokija river, in the Lublin Province, in the geographical region of Central Roztocze. Since 1980 the Roztocze ensemble has been bridging gaps between generations, and educating them through the culture of song and dance, cultivating folk traditions and rites. Even though over the years people have been coming and going, one thing has remained unchanged till this day - the love of song and dance, as well as attachment to and willingness to cultivate the traditions of the region. The ROZTOCZE ensemble has many a time been rewarded at all-Poland folk contests and festivals. It is also a member of CIOFF, the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts. It has performed in Italy, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Greece, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany, Korea, and many times in France and Bulgaria. The ensemble operates under the auspices of the Community Centre in Tomaszów Lubelski. The repertoire includes, among others, Lublin, Tomaszów, Lasowiacki, Biłgoraj games and dances, as well as national dances, and dances representative of other Polish regions. The ensemble also stages performances presenting customs and rites such as the traditional Lublin-style wedding, carollers, walking around with “gaik” (a spring-welcoming rite consisting in carrying around decorated branches), fun at the tavern, in the pasture. While working with the ensemble, the instructors lay particular emphasis on arousing in children and youth interest in the culture and tradition of the Tomaszów Lubelski region. ROZTOCZE will show the Nowy Sącz audience a part of its artistic output related to the dance traditions from the south-eastern part of Poland. These will be dances from the Tomaszów Lubelski district: “walczyk”, “oberek”, “polka kukułka”, “biały walczyk”; the Lublin district: “polka”, “cygan”, “walczyk”, “osa”, “oberek”; the Lasowiacki district: “walczyk”, “polka w lewo”, “lasowiak”, “cebulka”, as well as children's play and games such as “ciuciubabka and ciuryło”. Stanisława Kowalska is the ensemble leader, Agata Nazar is the choreographer, and Zdzisław Hacia is the musical band leader.