Edition 2020/2021
The town of Turda is located in central Romania, on the Arieş rives, in the Cluj Region. The area constitutes a historical region of Transylvania, a land inhabited by people of considerable ethnic diversity, and by extension of a very interesting cultural profile. Turda is a spa town renowned for its mineral springs, and one of its tourist attractions is a salt mine. DATINA TURDEANA is affiliated with the Municipal Culture Centre in Turda, and it was established in 1992 by Felicia and Ioan Cuc, distinguished choreographers who have devoted all their lives to folklore, and especially to teaching traditional Romanian dances to young people. Their pupils constitute a group of more than 800 dancers who perform in the country's leading ensembles. Currently, DATINA TURDEANA numbers 70 members - dancers, singers and musicians. All these young people find cultivation of ancient traditions to be their passion and a way of spending free time. The ensemble has participated in many festivals in Romania, as well as abroad, in such countries as Italy, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. The ensemble’s repertoire includes choreographic acts and musical pieces characteristic of the northern part of Transylvania, but also of other Romanian regions. The traditional Romanian music is a unique blend with features characteristic of Central European (especially Hungarian), Balkan and gypsy music. A richly ornamented melody, which is typically performed on the violin, plays a particularly significant role. Thanks to the unusual care for the native traditions, this characteristic sound has been preserved till this day and is still cultivated by Romanian folk musicians. The musical band that accompanies the ensemble plays the violin, double bass and „tárogató” - a woodwind instrument. Maria Felicia Cuc is the ensemble leader, Ioan Cuc is the choreographer, Ciurcui Alexandru acts as the musical director.