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Information for journalists, photographers and film crews wishing to obtain media accreditation.


The present rules concern the principles followed in granting media accreditation authorizing participation, in the scope and according to the principles specified below, in the 28th International Festival of Children’s Folk Ensembles FESTIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF MOUNTAINS (hereinafter referred to as the “Festival”), organized by SOKÓŁ Małopolska Culture Centre in Nowy Sącz (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”), which will take place in Nowy Sącz, 18-25 July 2021.
  1. The Festival media accreditation is granted solely to journalists who are professionally active and publish on an up-to-date basis.
  2. Accreditation authorizes free admission to selected or all Festival concerts.
  3. The Organizer presents accredited journalists with ID badges that authorize them to attend selected or all Festival concerts, as well as with press kits.
  4. In order to obtain accreditation, a journalist, a photographer or an editorial team is obliged to fill in the accreditation form available on the Festival website under the tab “Edition 2020/2021 / For media / Accreditation.”
  5. The form will be active between 30 June and 14 July 2021. After this period the form will become unavailable, and it will not be possible to apply for accreditation.
  6. The decision to grant or refuse accreditation - on the basis of a filled-in accreditation form - lies with the Organizer.
  7. The decision to grant or refuse accreditation will be e-mailed to the address specified in the accreditation form.
  8. Every editorial team can apply for a maximum of two accreditations. It is only under exceptional circumstances that the Organizer can grant more accreditations to one editorial team.
  9. Accreditation is made out to a person specified in the application form.
  10. The Organizer does not guarantee a possibility of taking photos/filming at every concert.
  11. The Organizer reserves the right to reject the application for accreditation without stating the reason.
  12. An accredited journalist, photographer or editorial team is obliged to hand the published materials about the Festival over to the Organizer in an electronic form and free of charge within 7 days of the date of their publication, and agrees to have them utilized free of charge for the purposes concerned with Festival promotion and the Organizer's activity.
  13. The accredited person shall receive from the Organizer, via e-mail, information about the 28th International Festival of Children’s Folk Ensembles FESTIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF MOUNTAINS.
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