The Rożnów Foothills is a region located to the north of Nowy Sącz. In the south it borders the Lower Beskids, in the west – the Wiśnicz Foothills, and in the east – the Ciężkowice Foothills. The region encompasses two bodies of water (Rożnów Lake and Czchów Lake) situated in the meandering and ravined valley of the Dunajec river, which contributes to its significant scenic amenity. It is thanks to this picturesqueness of the surroundings that hiking and cycling tourism have developed here, with the lakes attracting crowds of enthusiasts for aquatic sports and leisure.           

The MAŁE ROŻNOWIOKI ensemble was founded at the Community Centre in Rożnów in 2009, at first bringing together 40 children aged 7-15 from Rożnów and nearby villages. All the children shared a passion and love for the tradition, beauty, music and dance. The Commune Culture Centre in the village of Gródek nad Dunajcem became the patronage institution. Today, the ensemble has 80 members divided into three age groups. Ethnographically, Rożnów straddles a border between two regions: the Sącz Lachs and the Foothill Dwellers. While the surroundings have not been researched yet, the ensemble presents children’s games, dances, melodies and the costumes from the Sącz Lach region, because they find this culture dear to their Rożnów hearts. This year’s edition of the Festival is of great significance for the ensemble. MAŁE ROŻNOWIOKI are the host ensemble and are celebrating their 10th anniversary.

The Festival audience will have an opportunity to see a programme entitled After the church fair. On Sunday afternoon some children playing in a meadow are joined by boys returning from the High Mass organised on the occasion of the church fair in the village of Tropie. At first, their behaviour is a bit cocky, but the girls are quick to cut them down to size, and all begin harmoniously playing ulijanka, aniołek fiołek, kogutek and jawor. While they are playing, a musical band and some older children come. At first, the boys are astonished that lasses can be playing music with lads, and as a result a short conversation ensues. The children politely ask the musicians to play some music, and the musicians agree to do so in exchange for the candy that the children bought at the church fair.

Beata Grzegorzek is the ensemble leader and instructor, and Katarzyna Grzegorzek and Paweł Pajor are the leaders of the musical band, which will be playing violins, a clarinet, a trumpet and a double bass.


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