Orava is an extremely interesting historical and ethnographic land, the story of which unfolded to the rhythm of the development of Poland and Hungary – the two states within the borders of which its fortunes were created centuries ago. Today, as it leans against the Old Witches’ Mountain massif from the south, this land is transected by the Polish-Slovakian border, leaving just a small part of Upper Orava on the Polish side of the border. The Orava culture is a peculiar and unique blend of Polish, Slovakian, Hungarian and Wallachian influences, based on the foundation of herding-related economy and farming. The Upper-Orava folk music, which was shaped by this culture, is admirably graceful and simple, thus reflecting the character of the local population. As an indispensable element of everyday life, this music has over centuries accompanied the Orava Highlanders in their annual and family ceremonies, and in all manner of activities, e.g. ox and sheep herding, log driving. Orava is also a land of ancient architecture – churches, residential and farm buildings of a development style uncommon in other regions.

“Orawskie Dzieci” ensemble has been affiliated with Primary School no. 2 in Lipnica Wielka since its re-establishment in 2011. The ensemble is composed of two groups – the beginner’s one and the advanced one, as well as a singing group and a children’s musical band. The repertoire includes Orava songs and dances, shepherd games, folk tales and region-typical customs and rites.

The Festival audience will have an opportunity to see the ensemble’s programme entitled “After church.” After a church service a group of girls move to a shrine to pray and lay some flowers. Having said their prayers, they are joined by more girls. Singing and fun soon turn into joint dancing once the boys arrive.

Teresa Baniowska is the ensemble leader and instructor, and Marcin Kowalczyk is the band leader.


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