JULIA Dance Company and the UNIQUE Children Folklore Art & Culture Institute - Taiwan


The ensemble that is going to present the Taiwanese folklore at this year’s edition of the Festival is composed of two groups: JULIA Dance Company and the UNIQUE Children Folklore Art & Culture Institute. Both groups are based in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. JULIA Dance Company was established in 1994. Since the beginning Chang Hui Yu has been both the leader and the artistic director. Every year JULIA Dance Company gives at least 10 public performances and participates in the National Dance Competition. In the years 1994-2008 it won several first prizes in the category of folk and classical dance, children dance and song, as well as modern dance.


UNIQUE was established in 2010, and though it was originally intended as a music ensemble composed of professional musicians, it soon began cooperating with dance groups, and thus developed into a cultural organization that preserves and promotes the folk culture of Taiwan. The children attending the Institute range from kindergarteners to high schoolers. The repertoire includes traditional folk songs and dances performed to the accompaniment of such instruments as er-hu and gu-zheng (stringed instruments), bang-di (a flute), rwan and pi-pa (guitar-like instruments), yang-chin (a chordophone resembling a cimbalom), as well as all manner of drums.

Yi Fan Zhen is the ensemble leader, and Liao Jing Lin is the music manager.


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