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Třebíč is a cosy and green tourist town in Moravia, which is a historical region of the Czech Republic. It has the population of nearly 40,000 inhabitants and is situated in the Vysočina Region, on the banks of the Jihlava River (65km west of Brno). It boasts a number of historic monuments, e.g. the largely Romanesque St. Procopius Basilica, the Jewish Quarter (both listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites), the statue of SS Cyril and Methodius, the second largest market square in the Czech Republic and the townhall tower with the biggest clock in Europe.

The ensemble OKŘEŠÁNEK was established in 2002. It comprises 47 members and has a seven-piece band playing such instruments as the violin, clarinet, double bass and vozembouch. The ensemble repertoire includes folk songs and dances, nursery rhymes and folk customs. It shows children’s ancient lifestyle with its everyday fun and games, which children engaged in before the advent of modern toys, media and electronic diversions. OKŘEŠÁNEK is a member of two Folklore Associations, the one of Horácko and the Czech Republic. It is a very popular ensemble, and thus a participant in a great many folk festivals, reviews, concerts and performances. In 2010 it was qualified by a special committee to perform at the most famous children’s folk festival in Luhačovice, and was awarded the title of the best folk ensemble. It has given concerts in Croatia, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary, where OKŘEŠÁNEK performed at the Future of Europe - International Children’s and Youth Meeting – Csipero in Kecskemét.

At the Festival the ensemble is going to present a programme of children’s games, songs and dances performed in a field while grazing cows and geese, as well as the ancient folk custom of drowning Morana, an effigy of the Slavic goddess of winter and death. The ceremony would usually take place on the day of vernal equinox. Because of the nature of the show associated with everyday life, it will feature a number of household utensils and props such as brooms, staffs, barrows, buggies, spoons, etc.

Ilona Mikešová is the ensemble leader and choreographer.


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